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I've ordered tons of items from shuttergly and despite the inflated shipping costs I have been very happy with the products and my items always arrived early. Until I ordered birth announcements for my son. The announcements were said to have shipped, but after being a week late with no tracking updates I contacted shutterfly's customer service about the issue. After my three emails to customer service about this were flat out ignored, I finally... Read more

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How dismayed I was just last night to find out that the 12x12 family yearbook I had just finished for 2015 was not really going to be a full 50% off...just 50% of THE FIRST 20 PAGES! Now I've been a loyal customer for almost ten years, and have been doing the yearbook annually since 2010. When I have ordered during a discount before it has ALWAYS been for the entire project- not just the first 20 pages! Really cheap on Shutterfly's part, miserly... Read more

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Shutterfly is now being used by West Africa scammers to send money selling E-mail to supposed members . I received two messages claiming I am a member of the website "Family" set up by John (No last name or any other identification) . I was given the options to unsubscribe and report abuse only to find out both are impossible and it is just a way to get you to browse their site and sign up . Add comment

We have ordered from Shutterfly before, easy things like cups and cards, however when we went to make a 'special-offer' photobook it was a week-long disaster. NOTHING is intuitive or common sense but hey, just call customer will get a 'Siri-like" syrupy menu that runs you around in circles and when you click "O" about 50 times you get to an unknowing and truly uncaring "service rep" who is obviously mentally out to lunch! Ask for a... Read more

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Ordered 2 copies of the same vacation book. They didn't have the same pages! One Book was missing 6 pages! Additionally the book colors didn't not match the website very well, I could live with that if it was the only thing. Also the cropping shown on the website didn't match what was printed. Lastly they were delivered quite late from the quoted time (12 days) Read more

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Shutterfly needs to review their "policies" and needs to have customer service for United States customers---ones that actually speak English as their first language. Shutterfly's customer service, quality of photo books and other products have really taken a turn for the worse. I recently ordered some products (photo book and magnets) and am very dissatisfied. Their "specials" and "free" products are not free at all! Their policies really... Read more

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I used to be a loyal and regular Shutterfly customer. It was my go to for Christmas gifts and other memorable photo gifts. However, the company has went extremely downhill. They advertise discounts, sales, and other good deals which turn out to be rip offs and completely useless. Then, if they offer you a free item (magnet, keychain, etc) they up the shipping price so you end up paying more than the actual item!!!!!! I went to order a magnet... Read more

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I was a very loyal Shutterfly customer until this year when they sent my Christmas cards to me the second week of January. I called requesting a refund and the only way they would credit my account is if I send the cards back at my expense. I did that and now they claim that they never received the cards that I send back. I would spend at least $200 a year with them but they won't get another penny out of me. Their customer service was... Read more

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I contacted Shutterfly as to the simple fact that we ordered graduation cards they looked great on our end but when received my daughter was red faced and looked like she was crying in one photo.... Contacted shutterfly they just said send them back at your expense for 50% off or keep them for 15% off.... This is really a sad situation .... can't use cards and company won't stand behind work... used them many times before won't use them again...... Read more

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in December (2015) I had a very long online chat with customer service complaining that shutterfly had discontinued the policy of printing the date-taken on the back of prints. I explained it was one of the most attractive features of the company -- That no others do that -- And that it is VERY useful for archival and sorting reasons. I was pleased to see that by my next order they had re-instated the policy. Then my last order, once again,... Read more

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