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I was automatically switched to the All New Shutterfly in July 2016. Now I can't use my address book to share photos; each email address must be typed in manually.

Also, it's no longer possible to choose the album cover photo. I contacted Shutterfly and was told that this is by design. Absolutely incredible that they would do this! It makes Shutterfly incredibly difficult to use.

I asked to be put back on the old Shutterfly; I was told that this is not possible. I have used Shutterfly since 2008, and have been very happy with their process until being switched to the All New Shutterfly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

Reason of review: Difficult to use process.

Preferred solution: Switch my account back to the old Shutterfly.

  • Horrible All New Shutterfly
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the new version is HORRIBLE!! just loops and creates stuff that I do not want.

Takes FOREVER! Just the worst and I have used for years!


Shutterfly is awful now


what the heck happened to the once easy to use shutter fly. I got on today and was shocked.

You can no longer add borders??????

all those features are gone. Shame on you shutter fly


I feel the same way. After Kodak Gallery went away, I've been using shutterfly for photo prints, books, mugs, etc.

I've always found their site easy to use. BUT...with their new site, it's impossible to arrange a photo book. I tried to edit the date of my photos in order to "arrange" them, but it took FOREVER and I gave up about 30 minutes later. For some reason, my photos would sometimes get randomly reshuffled.

FRUSTRATING. I decided to try Snapfish.

I haven't received my book yet so I can't comment on the quality, but their website was super easy to use and arranging my photos was a breeze. If they come through on quality, I'm never logging on to Shutterfly again.


I am so disappointed with Shutterfly. The changes made were not to benefit the client because they limited how we organize our photos and albums but it is also sneaky...forcing us into "this life" one of the companies they purchased.

Their is a reason I didn't use their product but guess Shutterfly doesn't care. Time to look for a new vendor and move my 80,000+ pictures.


I agree 100%! Whatever changes Shutterfly has made to their site have been terrible.

It is not user friendly and it so frustrating to use!

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