Milford, Massachusetts
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The new Shutterfly is terrible. The new site has severe problems loading and tonight it won't even let me log in.

I was making a calendar and put a lot of work into it 2 days ago. There was an email for 2 free gifts and calendar was one. It just kept messing up. When I tried saving it I got all sorts of error messages.

All my work lost. Yesterday I opened site again and tried to re-create the calendar and again it wouldn't save. I have noticed when these free gifts come out the site works worse than ever. I have a family history book saved on there of 85 pages.

I've been working on it for 2 years and I fear what's going to happen. I will say I did a 20 page graduation book for my granddaughter and luckily the weekend I did that, the site was cooperating. It came in very quickly and colors very vibrant. Please Shutterfly, put the site back the way it was.

Fix the reason it won't even let me log on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

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I have had similar problems, when there is an offer the site gets overloaded and you lose work, but if you contact them, often you can get it back. I HATE the new site, I can't find my old albums, I can't do work on a slower computer or slow connection, I can't find anything.

The new site is a disaster as far as I am concerned.

Do contact them when you lose work. The new site is irresponsible, I can't even send an email from it to complain, Shutterfly has lost my old albums from when it was Photoworks, they have a lot to answer for.


I am so frustrated! Trying to make a calendar and it won't save.

I have spend days... They told me to clear my browser and cache, which I did multiple times. No luck.

I have used shutterfly for years and have been very happy... now I am just so upset.

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