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Whoever designed the new Shutterfly site should be fired! It is not user friendly. In fact, it is extremely frustrating. I have been a Kodak and Shutterfly customer for 16 years and have gone thru many changes with the sites. Usually I can navigate them just fine after a while, but the new 'shutterfly site it awful! In fact, two of my daughters have decided they don't have time or the desire to use it and they have gone to other sites for their photos. I am still trying to navigate the new Shutterfly site and have called the company and have filled out a survey with no response from Shutterfly.

Here are my major issues:

I cannot arrange or rearrange my photos within my albums.

I cannot lighten or darken the photos.

I cannot delete a photo when I am editing it in an album. That is crazy!

When I send photos to the share site, from the timeline, they send all mixed up.

The share site doesn't even 'share' all the pictures and some photos only appear on the share site in fragments of the whole photo.

The only plus I have is that when you figure out where and how to arrange photos on the share site, it is easier to to move the photos around.

If I didn't have 16 years of photos at Shutterfly, I would be long gone. I get frustrated every time I use it And I use the site more than the average person. Many of my friends have been complaining about it too. Shutterfly, you made a huge mistake.

This person wrote the review because of "terrible web-site" of shutterfly website from Shutterfly. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Shutterfly to offer any options to resolve the issue.

Author liked the most rearranging of photos on share site easier. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Totally lost my project I was working on!!! Can't figure out how to get a new one started - ugh!!!!!


I 100% agree. I'm planning to leave shutterfly!


I AGREE. It's horrible and making a book is near impossible!With all these complaints, is anyone going to fix it or put the old one back??Same with many, I've used Shutterfly for years and now it's just frustrating and difficult to maneuver.


I’ve had very similar experiences with trying to edit a book. You can edit and save, but then when you reopen the project, things will be different anything you had done before.

I feel the same way- I’ve created books for several years,n now I can’t use an iPad to create anymore and the site is difficult!!! HATE it!!!


I also hate Shutterfly; so frustrating and no one knows how to help at customer service. Have used Shutterfly for more than 10 years and you are going to loose me as a satisfied customer. Difficult to upload pictures and now I posted pictures to a special group and Everyone is seeing these pictures; suppose to be only members!!!!


I agree. Old shutterfly uploader worked great.

This 'new' version is horrible. I have all my pictures on this site and all my albums are ruined. It is a nightmare to try and upload pictures.

I HATE IT!!!!! Go back to Shutterfly Express Uploader or someone please tell me how I can get the old program back!


The new Shutterfly is horrid. Who approved this user-unfriendly dashboard? It is terrible and confusing.


service sucks, I checked of 120 pictures out of 880 four times already,and each time I

click on order photos everything disappares. very frustrating and time consuming. Not happy.


Late to respond to this thread but I agree with all of the other user comments. I have used Shutterfly since 2003 & have loved it for many years.

Ever since the new "timeline" was introduced I have been unable to navigate and understand how and where all of my photos are saved. I am 30 years old and consider to myself to be very tech savvy but the new site is NOT user friendly.

In addition, the "promotions" that Shutterfly runs are now more like a scam. 200 prints for "free" and the shipping cost is $34.00?

I don't think so.

As soon as I find another site to relocate all of my photos to I will be deleting my Shutterfly account. What a frustration and a shame.


I am having the same frustration. Used Shutterfly for many many years.

Now I'm trying to create a belated 2018 calendar and it is nearly impossible. I can't save the pictures that are being sent to me. When I try to save them to my account, I can't figure out where they go. Only a few of them show up and they're mixed in with mine.

This is the last calendar I'll make on Shutterfly.

Moving on next year.

Why did they mess up a good thing?!?!


I couldn't agree more!! Trying to make Calendars is a nightmare.

I can not even figure out how to move on after the add photos screen. I cannot move back and forth between projects, the incredible amount of advertising is annoying and counterproductive and adds to the difficulty of creating. Boo!! Hiss!!

Shame on Shutterfly for putting out such an impossible maze of a site!!

From a long-time Shutterfly User.


Well...me too! I have been using shutterfly for the same amount of time and only now do I get so frustrated that i can't just view my Albums as I have created them...I see a ridiculous timeline that I don't like....and I can't just login and find a photo I am looking for without it turning into a long, confusing, waste of time! Please change it back or make it more user friendly at least


Shutterfly wasn't broken; they didn't need to fix it. "New and improved"?

I don't think so. What a shame.


I completely agree. Their site literally brings me to tears, and reduces me to uttering expletives uncontrollably.

And who ever heard of not having a call in number for customer support. They clearly don't care about their customers.


Gosh - I hate the new site too. I'm so frustrated I'm about the scrap my whole project...


I have a bad experience because a teacher in stonecreek elementry school in Irvine yesterday through Shutterfly wrote about my son to all parents that was private and my son is very upset. I do not know where I can complain that my son does not want to go to school. We are new immigrant in the USA.My son and l never like Shutterfly.


I agree - I have years worth of pictures in shutterfly and hundreds of hours organizing and this new site is absolutely terrible!


I agree ! Its Absolutely Terrible.

CRAZY whoever designed this .

Wasted hours 1/2 day. Are there any good ones?


It has been a nightmare today!!! I am just trying to make a simple book..

keeps failing... no way to save the book??? What the heck??? I too am a very loyal Shutterfly User..

I was actually trying to make a user guide to show my friends how to use Shutterfly and show them how easy it is.. Well now I can't get anything to work...

Will give it one more day and then start looking for a new site!! Wake up Shutterfly!!!


Agreed. A total waste of time.

See you on Flickr.

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