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Whoever designed the new Shutterfly site should be fired! It is not user friendly. In fact, it is extremely frustrating. I have been a Kodak and Shutterfly customer for 16 years and have gone thru many changes with the sites. Usually I can navigate them just fine after a while, but the new 'shutterfly site it awful! In fact, two of my daughters have decided they don't have time or the desire to use it and they have gone to other sites for their photos. I am still trying to navigate the new Shutterfly site and have called the company and have filled out a survey with no response from Shutterfly.

Here are my major issues:

I cannot arrange or rearrange my photos within my albums.

I cannot lighten or darken the photos.

I cannot delete a photo when I am editing it in an album. That is crazy!

When I send photos to the share site, from the timeline, they send all mixed up.

The share site doesn't even 'share' all the pictures and some photos only appear on the share site in fragments of the whole photo.

The only plus I have is that when you figure out where and how to arrange photos on the share site, it is easier to to move the photos around.

If I didn't have 16 years of photos at Shutterfly, I would be long gone. I get frustrated every time I use it And I use the site more than the average person. Many of my friends have been complaining about it too. Shutterfly, you made a huge mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

Reason of review: Terrible web-site.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Shutterfly Pros: Rearranging of photos on share site easier.

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I agree with all. I've been a long time customer of Shutterfly and all the above ticks me off too.

If that's not enough, they advertise 50% off Store wide (no code necessary) so you can't put a code in and it doesn't automatically apply. SUCKS!!!

Hopefully get my project printed this year and WILL NOT BE BACK! What a joke they are!


Have also given up on Shutterfly. I wasted several hours of my life just trying to get the site to download my intended photos from my computer.

The download would start, take many minutes, when finished: nothing had been downloaded!! I kept thinking I must be confused or doing something wrong. When I used another site, Poof!

It worked instantly! Something has gone terribly wrong at Shutterfly.


I am also having problems rearranging pictures in albums. The website support is not good. Am thinking about changing to another share site.


I have albums dating back to 2001 on this site and I totally hate that I can't rearrange the pictures in my albums plus I hate that timeline. I have so much stored on this site.

What sites do you all recommend? I'm dreading moving over thousands of pictures.


I am having the same problem. I have just chatted with a customer service who was totally helpless.

I am very disappointed with Shutterfly too. I used to change and rearrange my photo albums in the previous years, now for some reason they removed that option, and this customer service said it's no longer available.!!!!!


I cannot for the life of me why my pictures have white borders when I SPECIFICALLY hit the NO BORDER box. I even had a representative do the order and they STILL CAME OUT WITH BORDERS WHEN SHE/HE ASSURED ME THEY WOULD NOT!


Me too!!!!


I've been making calendars for elderly relatives for at least seven years. Last year it was so labor intensive that this year, I just didn't have the moral courage to even attempt it.

Last year I spent hundreds of dollars and hours of pain with a chiropractor, massage therapist and my MD just trying to recover. I spent days on what should have taken no more than a few hours, hunched over, plus all the stress left me in a world of pain.


ugh! I've used shutterfly for at least 10 years.

It has taken me two days to create a book, a Father's Day card for my husband, and hopefully one for my dad--I don't know, because all of a sudden it crashed and I can't get back in. I don't want to go somewhere else where I'll need to download 10 years worth a pictures all over again!

It's beyond frustrating for a loyal customer. Get your *** together, We deserve better!


I agree.


I agree. I use to be able to rearrange within the albums and can no longer do that.

I have changed the upload time to coordinate the photos I need to no avail in keeping them in order.

It's a giant mess now. I hate it and am debating leaving


I just contacted Shutterfly as I had the same issue: I couldn't move my photos and rearrange them the way I want. The lady said its nt available anymore.

Like you, I have been using Shutterfly for last 15 years and have loads of albums on the share site and in photo albums... I am starting work on my last 4 years of travel, and unsure if I want to continue with this frustrating process.

I will look into another site for uploading photos in albums and sharing site. Too bad, I was going to make many photobooks, but Shutterfly has now lost my business to a more friendly user site.


When did Shutterfly go crazy with this new site. I hate it!


I agree. I’ve just spent 2 hours trying to start a book and have gotten nowhere.

I thought I had just forgotten how to create a book, so I looked at a couple of tutorials and realized Shutterfly doesn’t look or act like the tutorials. I will quit using the app unless I hear that it has been fixed.


Same here, have spent too many hours attempting to create a photo book with no success. Didn't realize the site had become so used un-friendly.

I belong to a photography group and they recommended SF or Snapfish..

Time to try some other sites, I just don't have the time to invest on trying to figure out this site... So unnecessarily complicated...


I hate that I used to be able to make a photo book from my ipad and now I can’t. It was way easier than on a pc.


I agree


Sooo done with Shutterfly now - I though it was just my computer I cannot believe another Christmas calendar tradition out the window




Shutterfly now just the worst. So difficult to make puzzles and add/switch around photos. Awful

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