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The new Shutterfly website (started July 2016) is absolutely horrible. It takes forever to upload photos, and then they go into a goofy "timeline" instead of into an album.

And worse yet, my address book is gone. To share photos, I have to type in each person's email address. The old website was quick and easy to use. Why on earth did they change it?

Whoever constructed this new Shutterfly website must have never consulted users and they must have never conducted a trial test with actual customers. It is so difficult to upload and access photos, I would never attempt to purchase a Shutterfly product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

Reason of review: Terrible website.

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I totally agree with every single issue mentioned. I find it very hard to find a particular album because I have arranged all my albums in alpha order and Shutterfly has disabled that feature.

I wish I could find a good competitor. I have been going to Walgreens when I get bfrustrated with Shutterfly which is quite often since July 2016.


Have used shutterfly for 10 years for family holiday photo. Just wasted 24 hours.

Thought I had created the card and updated addresses but could not make the purchase. Same recipients as last year in US and abroad. Five calls later all the helpers could suggest was taking out the addresses for UK, Switzerland, etc. I gave up because the website charged me for 10 international cards and I couldn't believe Shutterfly could not provide the service they have for years.

Maybe holiday cards aren't part of their business any more. Certainly no one had control enough of their website to make the sale.

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