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Why must all good things come to an end??

3 steps before- login, click get photos, upload photos, the album was up and ready to actually edit. Oh, and if I wanted to edit a pic, right click, and my options to move or delete or add text were RIGHT THERE on the actual picture I wanted to change!

Now I am dealing with a timeline, because someone made an assumption that all pics must be uploaded in order by date. Some people organize pics the way they want them in an album, before an upload. Now, even if you upload in the order you want, doesn't matter- they are broken up, by day, for whatever reason Shutterfly thought it should be that way!

Automatically create a new album? Nope. Create a new album? Nope- I had to create a folder first. Then an album to find the folder. But pics aren't in the album I just uploaded pics to. No, I have to go back to the Timeline. Then select from the timeline. And doesn't matter the order because it only uploads to an album the way it was uploaded to the timeline. So much for click/drag or changing the order of pics to the place I want them in the album. It shouldn't be this difficult to figure out - I shouldn't have to call a helpdesk to find a button to move pics around in an album! What the heck Shutterfly?? Seriously, who thought this was easier and a more intuitive site? I have been a customer since Kodak days, but if it's going to be this difficult to figure out anything, I have better things to do with my time, like find a new photo-sharing site..sadly..

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Allow long-time customers the option to continue to use the last version of Shutterfly..

Shutterfly Cons: Poor quality product.

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Horrible to use! latest update is beyond AWFUL!

I have over 50,000 photos I use daily. I organized by the sort button (clicking one button) and photos are sorted by picture/file names. I order 1000's of prints a month. If a customer orders a print I go to the file name.

Now it is taking me a day just to find one image on the site because of the timeline set up.

I need to sort by file name. Ebay/Paypal and now Shutterfly must be using the same person to update their sites because each is more complicated than the next. NJ you are correct...

3 steps become endless steps.

Very frustrating and disgusted. My whole day wasted on these three sites.


You are correct - the All New Shutterfly is TERRIBLE. In addition to the problems you've experienced, it's not possible to use your address book.

And it's much slower to upload photos.

The old Shuttrerfly was so good - why did they change it? I'm also being forced to go to a different site, it's so bad.

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