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I downloaded the Shutterfly app for iPad and there was a banner ad that said free 8x8 book or $20 off. I created my 20 page book and attempted to checkout, it wouldn't let me, so I added an item, still nothing, I added another item and finally I could check out.

Applied the promo code and to my surprise my order came to over $50, apparently shipping for items that weigh less than a pound costs almost $30, then of course sales tax, and my small items, which I didn't even want but couldn't check out so added them. Anyway, very disappointed, seems very much like bait and switch.

Shipping on media should NEVER cost that much, since it probably costs them $3 at most. Shame on Shutterfly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Deal.

Reason of review: Deceptive sales practice.

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There is almost always a coupon for free shipping somewhere. Lots of times its over $50 or free on certain items. Always search or google for one


Just had the same experience: save 48% on cards, but the cost of shipping a bundle of cards to my address is supposedly $30. Absolutely ridiculous.

Now I have to copy out all the addresses I saved at Shutterfly and find another provider. Pain in the behind, but this is unacceptable.


Shutterfly offers free promos, but the shipping always somehow costs about what it SHOULD cost to do the entire thing. You're not getting anything free from Shutterfly.

End of story.

You can get a "free" item with $20 shipping or a $20 item with free shipping. You choose.


I just downloaded the shutterfly app. Ordered my "free" 200 prints and my free 10 magnets and grocery bag.

Also ordered a notebook. Shipping was over $70!!!

Wtf Uninstalled that pretty quick! I will be sticking with snap fish or heading out to Walmart for my prints

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