Smyrna, Georgia

I'm done with them. Tried to put a book together after an trip of a lifetime with the family.

1000 photos. Spent 25 hours working on a book. Saving each page after I created it. Then, after I fixed one page, instead of clicking "save" I accidentally clicked "order".

There was no way to go back from the order. I had to proceed to the basket, and then delete the order. When I went back to my book, all but the first page was deleted. Devastated, I contacted customer service by email.

I was promised a reply within 24 hours. Three days later, I have heard nothing. I contacted customer service by telephone, and they tell me that they have no evidence of my "order". I told him I had no intention of placing an order.

They then told me that they had no way of replacing lost saved pages. How is that possible? To lose a saved page?

After hours of crying over all the lost work, I switched to Mixbook. It is a much better site to create a book and everything you do is automatically saved without the need to click save.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Exactly the same type of experience.Hours of doing pics and then could not edit. Hours down the drain.

Tried a couple of times. Nightmare!!!!


I had a similar problem and feel your pain!

After spending approximately 30 hours on a photo book, my computer froze, and I had to X out. The next day, when I opened my book, everything was still there, except my photos! When I called customer Service, they said I didn't save, which is bs because I have learned my lesson and save like a madwoman.

It's ridiculous that shutterfly does not have tech support!

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