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What the &(*!# were they thinking when they changed Shutterfly??? It was great!

I was a regular customer for 10 years. Now? I dread the idea of even logging in, because I know I'm in for constant frustration. I want to scream!!!!!

The phrase "don't fix it if it 's not broken" applies here. Why mess with what was clearly successful? Why ask for feedback and then change nothing? Add that to the fact that they ship jobs out of the country, leaving us with English-challenged customer service reps who constantly apologize but are helpless to actually address the issues!

Aaahh! Change it back already, please!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shutterfly Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Change the website back to normal.

I liked: Product.

I didn't like: Website.

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The new site is extremely frustarting. After over an hour attempting a simple upload and print order, I'm apoplectic.

I'm going to a new site after 12 plus years of telling everyone Shutterfly was great.

Don't you test anything? This is garbage.

to formerhappyboy #1579758

I use to love Shutterfly too


Not to mention the address book??? Here I am at 9 at night and it will not let me amend an address or add a new one.

I get an error message and prompt to call customer service??

Seriously?? This is beyond annoying


I completely agree! It is no longer user friendly, with functions that do not make sense, and takes far too long to do something that used to be so simple and quick.

I have been using Shutterfly to print photos and make photo books for years and years but was completely frustrated today just trying to order prints to pick up in a local store.

Unless they change back and/or actually improve functionality, I will have to find another site as well. At the very least, I felt validated after I found so many comments about the change; I was originally wondering if I am just getting old and can't keep up with changes?????


ITA I HATE THE NEW SHUTTERFLY! It was awesome before, user I dread going on.

Customer for over a decade! :( PLEASE GO BACK TO CLASSIC or at least OFFER the CLASSIC site?


I too am very disappointed in the new Shutterfly. I made many books on my iPad in the past.

I downloaded the new app for iPad. It would not work, even with working with Shutterfly support staff. Today I just tried making a book from the site. It starts out like it's going to work but doesn't continue to upload pictures.

I also read the 3 ways to make a book. I like to choose design, layout and order of pictures which seems to be gone. Also "finish up on your PC" isn't an option.

So sorry the new Shutterfly is not working. Save yourself hours of frustration.


5 years in a row they have screwed up my Christmas cards plus a calendar for Mother's day when my mother was at the end of her life. Their operations stink.

One year they sent three Christmas cards, one year they sent someone else's, this year my shipment was lost in transit. And the mother's day issue? I can't even remember the excuse then.

They try to help but usually it is too little and too late. They'll credit you but next time I promise myself to order from someone who can actually deliver.

to Anonymous #1408010

This year I changed to a company named Simply to Impress fir my Christmas cards They are top quality, priced well, and arrived overnight at a fraction of what Shutterfly charges. Please use someone else! Shutterfly is not worth our frustration!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1350329

The new shutterfly is disastrous, and I have taken my business to Snapfish. I need to be able to rearrange my pictures in whatever order I want.

The new shutterfly only allows you arrange in order of date taken and upload. That is BS, as I should be able to create an album in the flow that I want!

The old site was perfect easy to use, and now they change it to this unfriendly and difficult site? Bloody hogwash

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1333261

Surprised no remedial action was taken with such a negative reaction to the new Shutterfly interface. We have lost all our captions and the ability to easily change the order of our photos in an album.

Months have gone by with no action. We go back to almost the beginning with Kodak Gallery and feel Shutterfly has broken faith with us by deleting our data.

Cape May, New Jersey, United States #1274123

Totally agree. I'm gonna have to use someone else.

I'm trying to order some prints to pick up locally which used to take me 5 minutes. Now this new website design is killing me. I select several photos, click Prints, it shows them all with "1" selected next to each one. I click Add to Cart, and it only adds one picture out of the 3 that were selected.

Don't get it. Even when I am in an album and selecting pictures, they is no button to "Add to Cart" while I'm selecting or looking at pictures. I have to take my mouse to the top of the screen, click Prints, click Order Prints. Which takes me back to the earlier problem that it doesn't put all that I had selected in the cart.

I'm going back picking one by one.

And the menus/windows that keep popping up as you drag your mouse across the screen are annoying. You scroll across and click on the link you wanted, only to have that menu pop up and you ended up opening a screen you didn't want.

And scrolling through your albums is annoying. Its too fast. I have to use the up and down arrows on the keyboard.

Scrolling with a mouse or the laptop pad just zips right past the pictures. A very bad user interface and experience.

I use other pro labs for my professional prints and it is a much easier straight forward process. For quick jobs I will probably go back to the thumb drive and going to Walmart or Walgreens/CVS.

I understand "change" can screw people up at first, but I know it's not just me, when every family member and friend of mine has complained about the same thing and a quick google search shows similar thoughts.

Parker, Colorado, United States #1260106

Totally agree. Loyal customer for years the new interface is terrible. Still trying to save a custom phone book on effort #4

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